Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Scary scarecrows


 Super scary scarecrows!

Recently we dug up a rather large patch of our backyard, with grand dreams of growing our own self-sustaining veggie patch.  So out went the lawn and the flowers, and in went the compost and chicken manure.  The thought process behind this endeavour, other than harvesting our own yummy veggies, is that the kids will learn something about planting, growing, photosynthesis and healthy eating.  And hopefully a bucket of other things we haven't even thought about!

Step One to any good veggie patch are scarecrows.

some old clothes
silly hats
a bale of straw (from a pet shop) 
2x0.5 m and 2x1m wooden poles from the local hardware store 
more string
a black permanent koki pen 
2 x square pieces of plain fabric 80x80 cm for the head.

1.  Tie together your shorter pole to longer pole to make a cross.  This needs to be pretty tight
so that the shorter pole doesn't slide down.

2.  Dress your scarecrow.  Trousers and a long sleeve top or shirt works well, as there is more
space to shape the scarecrows body.  We found that the trousers will need to be tied around
the pole to keep them in  place. You can always throw a dress over or some dungarees to smooth
out the shapes of your scarecrow.

3.  Sophie's favourite bit:  Stuff your scarecrow with straw.

4.  Place fabric square on a flat surface and a small bundle of straw in the centre. 
Bring all the corners together and tie with string.  This is your scarecrows head.  Poke head
onto pole and let kids draw a face.  If you are a bit more organised than us.  You could paint
a face using fabric paint on cloth before you start.  Maybe next time.

5.  Pop a hat on your scarecrow and no more pesky birds.  We hope.  Although I don't believe
the chickens we are busy rearing will be too bothered.....

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