Sunday, November 17, 2013

toilet roll crafting

We have gone and fallen in love with toilet roll crafting after our owl creations of last week.

Thought we would share a collection of our favourite tutorials available online.

Will we ever have enough toilet rolls?

1. Family    2. Minions   3. Animals    4. Creatures   5. Monsters    6. Elephant   7. Dragon
8. Forest creatures   9. Gift boxes 

And because Christmas is just around the corner, we may just tackle some of these.

1.   Advent Calender  2.   Bethlehem   3.   Wreath  4. Christmas Trees  5.   Toilet Roll Garland
6.   Nativity scene    7.   Twig Reindeer   8.   Snowmen   9.   Christmas Lights     10. Reindeer  (header)

And because our homes are filled with the screeching and giggling of little girls.....

1.  Crowns  2.  Kazoo   3.  Flowers  4.  Flower pots  5.  Bracelets  6. Bunny  7. Butterfly  

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