Wednesday, February 19, 2014

stained glass

• clear plastic book covering wrap  (yes that finickity stuff you used to cover your school books with)
• as many colours of cellophane as you can find
• embroidery rings (to be found at your nearest haberdashery)
• glue
• scissors


Before we started, we did a bit of prepping:

1.  stretch the plastic wrap in the embroidery ring and trim the edges.
2.  the cellophane is rather slippery so we thought we would cut the shapes out.
Of course, if your kids are all older, I am sure they can muster up the strength to do these first steps themselves.

Let the kids go wild.  Glueing and sticking.  Make sure they overlap the different colours of cellophane, so they can discover the new colours that appear when you mix colours.

This was a pretty successful and uncomplicated craft... trust me, some go really pear shaped!
The girls loved it and the end product hanging in the window brought on delighted screeching.

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