Wednesday, September 18, 2013

life size painting...

...bounding down the stairs!

Thank goodness we have enough space for this life-sized activity!  Had to move a few large pieces of furniture and Martin (the husband) just turned around and left when he saw the mayhem, but honestly it felt like the most organised crafting we have  ever done.  Only one child in tears, and she is the youngest.

Check out those little paint pallets! Yes we are getting more organised... we have containers of paint, crayons, bulk glue, paintbrushers and rollers... enough to go round.  SO no more fighting, because sharing is caring, except when it's not!

You will need large pieces of paper, thick koki pen, paint, paint brushes and a pair of scissors.
And child.  Or an adult with a sense of adventure.

 The kids were so focused, and we felt like fantastic mommy's planning such a hit of an activity.
The figures are still hanging on the wall where we hung them up to dry and every time little Sophie walks past she points and says Ari, Lela, Sister, Lucy, Eri.....

"Lucy that's beautiful" pipes Erin (3), hands on her hips.
"Thank you Erin" replies Lucy (3) and carries on painting.


  1. You ARE fantastic mommies! Love that there's such movement in their portraits.

  2. Thanks! we try... this was a really fun activity and the girls loved it. :)