Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Our beloved Catherine fled the fairest cape for the bright lights of Jo'burg city at the end of August. Megan and I have been overcome with grief and have spent the last few weeks crying in the fetal position. This is why we have been so quiet on the crafts front.

Also, Megan has been busy with a little "make and bake" project of her own, and created this masterpiece.

However, last week we managed to surface from our sadness/breast feeding to do an actual activity with the left over kids (missed you Ari and Erin). We will post about this as soon as we have completed said activity (it needs some drying time).

But for now Megan and Liv and the new little Ruth Margot Jamie (big name for a little girl) are off on a jet plane to the big city to see how Cath and the girls are settling in - and what fun adventures await in the big city! Anybody have some suggestions, let us know!

Contributed by Lucy's mommy, Lauren

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