Wednesday, August 21, 2013

pear shaped

Warning: this is fun and so pretty, you might want to start stamping fruit shapes on everything. 
The girls were so excited that they were standing at attention while we were still preparing
our coffee for strength!
You will need:
apples and pears
fabric paints
t shirts or fabric you wish to print
wax paper
mini paint roller / brushes
a wet cloth for dirty fingers

We bought these t-shirts from our trusty Pep Stores at whopping R14.99 each.  Love a bargain. 
We found the light coloured fabric worked best.
We halved pears and apples for our fruit stamps. Both printed beautifully, but our favourite was the round bottomed pear!   We removed the pips in the centre of fruit to create an interesting effect.
Make sure all your paints are ready to roll and remember to mix you primary colours to create
some more interesting shades.
Before you start cut a piece of wax paper that can fit and lie inside your t-shirt.  This is to avoid
paint printing straight through and leaving smudges on the back of your item.
Roll your paint onto your fruit so that it is spread evenly.
Stamp firmly.
lift and go: Ooooo....
Hang to dry.  Once paint is properly dry you can tumble dry your items so the paint will not wash out.  Or you can iron printed area.  Probably best to follow the instructions on your paint container.
Originally we thought just one stamp per t-shirt would look pretty, but you try explaining
that to 3 - 5 year olds!
And then I had a little fun and made myself a pear tote!


  1. Megan, do you know Matt Allison? He's a stay at home dad specialising in urban farming, and, like you, very creative with his kids. If you're on twitter check out @smallroar, if not, look at his website