Friday, April 18, 2014

egg painting time of year!

Painting Easter eggs is a must every Easter holiday.  An easy, fun and messy activity to be shared amongst friends and family.  And I must confess this is one of those parenthood things I was looking forward to... through rose tinted glasses... now there is the reality of the sugar high and bickering that comes with the package, but heck it's still fun.

a box (big box!) of white coated chocolate eggs
food colouring diluted in a bit of water 
paint brushes
old toothbrushes for splattered paint effects
clean water for rinsing brushes
and some keen kids... and adults!

 go crazy!

A little tip: To get the worst of the food colouring off little hands, try a little squeeze of lemon juice.


When all was done and and our chocolate eggs a little dry we had a good old egg and spoon race..

PS don't tell Sophie... she slept through...

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