Thursday, August 8, 2013

little ladybirds

Much to our relief our friend Lauren aka Lucy's mom, took charge of this Tuesday's activities... Ladybird cookies!  (there were 2 activities... but activity 2 is yet to be completed at a future date).
  1. Take one marie biscuit, smeared with thick gloopy red icing – mix a cup of icing sugar
    with a few drops of water till you get the consistency you desire and then a drop of red food colouring. American gel colouring works best and should be available at any good baking supply shop.
  2. Add a mini yoghurt coated rice cookie or digestive cookie which has been broken
    in half for the ladybird's head.
  3. Sprinkle some raisins for spots on the ladybirds back, and pop 2 on the head for eyes
    – secured in place with a dab of icing.
  4. Break off the chocolate dipped bits of the pretzel stick, and voila you have feelers!

yum! and thanks Lauren for an awesome afternoon and taking charge!

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