Wednesday, June 18, 2014

monster marshmallows

Those clouds are going to drizzle and drip and pour all day. The wood is piled up high.  As soon as the kids get home it will get lit for a day of puzzles, drawing, reading and hopefully a little marshmallow toasting.  And yes Lauren, you are more than welcome to pop by!

The girls used wiltons food colouring pens to draw freaky face on their marshmallows.  You can buy these at any baking store.   You could also dilute some food colouring and paint on faces or designs with a fine paintbrush:  check out our inspiration and rather more professional attempt!

We then braved the cold and hunted for long sticks to toast our monster marshmallows at the fireplace.

Sticky, toasted marshmallows: YUM!

If you have a fireplace place near by, even if it is that awkward neighbours, I suggest you start making friends so that you can toast your toes and some monster marshmallows this winter!  And who knows, maybe even make some great new friends.  Hey Lauren and Cath?

ps this is also kinda fun for big people....

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