Friday, November 15, 2013

toilet roll owls

A google search on toilet roll crafts will deliver countless examples of activities.  You will never view the humble toilet roll with disdain again.  Instead of hanging your shoulders and cursing the fact that you ALWAYS have to change the roll, you will now retrieve the treasure and safely store it in you craft box for that rainy day.

painted toilet rolls
pretty paper (we used wrapping paper and scrap-booking paper)
felt tip pens
round stickers for eyes

This owl craft was a huge hit.  Catherine, being super mom of the day, popped by in the morning to cut out shapes for the beaks and wings from pretty scrapbook and wrapping paper and paint the rolls white, so that they would be dry by the afternoon.

The girls then bent the tops to make little owl ears, pasted the wings  and drew, creating their own personalized owl friend.

A successful craft day! There were tears when there were no more toilet rolls to be found.

Thank you Toni and her daughter Sylvie, all the way from New Zealand, who joined us for a day of making, giggles and fun!

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