Friday, June 13, 2014

big in Japan


With Father's day just around the corner and Cath returning from her adventures in Japan with the funkiest origami paper in hand, we attempted a little folding for cards this father's day.

First the girls drew portraits of their dads on a card made of plain white cardboard.  And after a little bit of practice we made origami bowties to stick on our cards.

Step 1:  Go to Japan and buy origami paper.  Or you can cut out squares of plain paper or wrapping paper.

Step 2: download some of these awesome (FREE) origami apps.

Kids Origami for iPhone
How to make origami

Step 3:  choose a couple of designs.  start off with easy folding and then something a little more tricky (We chose the heart, because we love our dads and then a cat, because cat's are cute) before doing the tie or bowtie which are a little more advanced.

Step 4: take a deep breath, and channel that inner patient parent.


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